You and your family
Today South Africa is both a politically safe and stable country.Sadaka Safaris is very family friendly- bring your whole family along and enjoy the beauty of Africa. On your arrival at the international airport of Johannesburg, you will be met by Ewert, or one of Sadaka Safaris team members, and transported to our base camp.

Visa Requirements
Most nationalities don't need a visa to enter South Africa as a tourist, providing the stay does not exceed 30-90 days.
You will need a valid passport that will not expire within 6 months of your stay and you need four blank consecutive pages in it for endorsements. For further information and a list of visa requirements, please see South African Department of Home Affairs web site.

Guns & Gear 
All arms should be transported in shock-proof rifle cases. We recommended that you bring your own rifles with which you are familiar. 
Pack ammo separate from guns, in locked metal
container. Pack it so that it can be reached
easily, for you will have to take it out for
inspection.60 Rounds per gun would be enough.
No Semi Automatic Rifles. No Rifles of the same
caliber per person

Importation of firearms:
Clients bringing fire arms into South Africa for
hunting purposes, will be asked to fill in a
Temporary Import Application Form (SAP 520)
see link on this page-and can be completed
before arrival in order to save precious time.

Please remember to use black ink only and DO
NOT sign it until you are in the presence of an
official at the airport.Once a temporary import
permit is issued, it is valid for that individual only,
the required minimum age is 21 years of age. They are issued for a period of no longer than six (6)

No more than two hundred (200) rounds of ammunition capable to be fired by the firearm may be imported. It must be packed in a hard container.
Application for a temporary import permit will be processed without any costs.
Whenever the holder of the temporary import permit leaves the Republic of South Africa, the firearm in respect of which the permit was issued must accompany the holder of the permit.
If any changes are made in respect of firearm requirements we will notify you in due course.
We would recommend to use the Phasa service to assist you with this whole procedure(see link on this page)

Heath/Medical care
At Sadaka Safaris we have a fully- trained and experienced nurse being part of the team and living on site, ensuring any First-aid and care is well-provided.
South Africa has some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world. So if you need to be hospitalized you will be in good hands. Make sure you get travel insurance since quality healthcare is not cheap.

Malaria - Sadaka Safaris and surrounding areas are completely malaria-free. If you plan on extending your travels, please note that malaria is still prevalent in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga and Limpopo and on the Maputaland coast of Kwazulu Natal. It does include the Kruger National Park. Highest risk time is in the hot rainy months from November to April.

Water - Sadaka Safaris water is of high standard of hygiene and safe to drink.

Sun - Always use sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

The Climate
South Africa is an area of vast weather variants according to the seasons. The seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere.
Summer: October - March (60oF - 110oF) 
Winter: May - August (32oF - 80oF)Winters are very mild, with warm days although the evenings tend to be cold.

Clothing in neutral colours( dark khaki or green is a good option) is recommended for hunting( cammo are allowed in South Africa)
Well-fitting boots and a sweater / warm jacket for cool nights and mornings.
Remember not to bring too many clothing as we have a daily laundry service.

220V or 240 volts AC is the standard power supply in Africa.
Three-pin round plugs are in use.

Tipping is entirely the clients prerogative and tipping of camp staff, skinners and trackers can be finalized with the outfitter. Professional hunters are usually tipped 10% of the trophy fees

Remember :
Airline tickets 
Passport (Keep a photocopy of your passport in a separate place.) 
Have your Outfitters address with you on the plane.You`ll need it to fill in the immigration form upon arrival in South Africa.

P. O. BOX 2059

Did you send your itinerary (Specify flight number, date and time of arrival) to Sadaka Safaris ?

Insurance and Indemnity
While we take precaution to ensure our guests safety, Sadaka Safaris does not accept any liability for any injuries, illness, accidents or losses sustained whilst on safari with us. We recommend that you contact your personal care provider and ensure that your insurance cover will protect you against any risk or medical emergency you may encounter.

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